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Bengals "Believed" To Be Hosting Workout For Fullbacks, Including John Conner

The Cincinnati Bengals are anticipating bad news regarding Chris Pressley's knee injury, believed to be organizing a workout this weekend for a replacement.


With the MRI not expected to present good news regarding Chris Pressley's knee injury that he suffered against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals are "believed" to be hosting a workout with fullbacks this weekend, including Cincinnati native and University of Kentucky native John Conner, according to Geoff Hobson with

Backup tight end Orson Charles took a significant number of snaps in the backfield during two back formations.

Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden got some good snaps out of rookie backup tight end Orson Charles at fullback on Thursday and says the 6-3, 250-pound Charles has a banger body he's looking for and not the slighter backup running backs in Brian Leonard and Daniel Herron.

Pressley signed a two-year deal this March, with $615,000 due in 2012 and $900,000 in 2013.