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Broncos Take 17-0 Lead On 98-Yard Interception Return For Touchdown

Looking to generate points before half time, the Baltimore Ravens strung together their best possession of the afternoon, picking up 76 yards on seven plays, reaching the Denver Broncos four-yard line with 15 seconds remaining in the first half.

Obvious scoring situation. Baltimore can easily regain the upperhand in this game, especially with a quarter ending score and the opening possession in the second half.

Joe Flacco throws the football on a direct line to the front left pylon where defensive back Chris Harris intercepted the football intended for Anquan Bolin, returning it 98 yards down the right sidelines, scoring the touchdown and giving the Broncos a 17-0 lead.

It's the longest interception return for touchdown in Denver's history, breaking Randy Gradishar's record of 93 yards in 1980.