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Texans And Colts Exchanges Touchdowns, Texans Leading 20-10

Thanks to a quarterback sack by J.J. Watt, dropping Andrew Luck with a three-yard loss to the Colts 35-yard line with 2:50 remaining, Indianapolis is unable to recover, forced to punt the football with 1:54 remaining in the first quarter.

Pat McAfee punts the football, which is blocked by the Texans and recovered for a touchdown, giving the Texans a 20-3 lead.

Apparently that was the switch the triggered Andrew Luck. After a 13-yard reception by Donnie Avery, Andrew Luck launched the football deep down the middle to a wide open T.J. Hilton, scoring on a 61-yard touchdown. The longest in Luck's young career.

The Texans are still leading 20-10 with over one minute remaining in the half.