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Cincinnati Bengals Within Range Of Sellout Against The Baltimore Ravens

The Bengals have sold out five of seven games this year and it appears likely that the eighth will be as well.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Remember last year.

Last year the 9-6 Cincinnati Bengals needed to beat the Baltimore Ravens or receive help from others to earn a berth for the 2011 NFL playoffs. However since tickets didn't appear to be selling very well, the team decided that to ensure a sellout, they'd offer a buy one get one free ticket promotion. It worked. And the game soldout.

It doesn't appear that ticket sales are that big of an issue for the regular season finale against Baltimore this year, considering that the game has the possibility of being a main event for the AFC North championship.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Monday that the game is within "range" of a sellout.

"Fans are responding to the fact that we are still in contention for the AFC North Division title, and that it’s likely the Baltimore game will carry significant playoff implications," said Andrew Brown, Bengals’ ticket sales manager. "With continued strong sales through this week and into next week, we are optimistic we can have a full house for the game and local television coverage as well."

The league has also directed the team to send invoices to season ticket holders in case the Bengals were host a playoff game -- meaning that they won the division. Ticket holders will be given the chance to purchase tickets covering their seats and if the Bengals end up not hosting a home game, that cost can either be applied to their seats in 2013 or refunded. After season ticket holders are given the chance to purchase playoff tickets, the next will be fans that bought ticket packs. Tickets will be available to everyone else pending availability.