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UPDATED: Bengals No. 21 Currently In First Round Draft Order

The Cincinnati Bengals have won five of their past six games, shooting up the first round order in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Al Bello

The nerve of the Cincinnati Bengals, heading to Philadelphia and putting a whippin' on the Eagles -- which ironically set an uncharacteristic trend of blowouts through the league in Week 15. Along with their win and losses by the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants, the Cincinnati Bengals draft order has risen (or fallen, depending on your perspective), to No. 21 in the first round.

The last player the Cincinnati Bengals picked No. 21 overall was Jermaine Gresham during the 2010 NFL Draft. The only other No. 21 overall selected by the Bengals was wide receiver Tim McGee, who ranks third all-time with a yard/reception average of 16.7.

In other draft news of interest, the Oakland Raiders are currently No. 3 overall, which figures to move around with some fluidity. A top-five pick in the second round however is a distinct possibility.