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Who Do We Thank: Titans Or Jets?

Thanks to the Jets Monday Night Football loss to the Titans, all the Bengals need on Sunday is a win to lock them into the playoffs. However, do we need to thank the Titans or Jets for the gift?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Let's say for a second that the Jets won last night and that they were going to win the rest of the games this season. If that had happened, the Bengals would be forced to not only beat the Steelers on the road, but beat the Ravens at home in Week 17. Luckily, that's not the case. Since the Jets lost, they're eliminated from post-season play, which means that the Bengals only need to defeat the Steelers, and they're locked in.

That's a big deal. While I doubt that the Jets would have won out, the fact that they're now completely off the Bengals' back is probably a huge relief. Now, the Bengals are in a situation where if they win on Sunday, they will have locked themselves into the playoffs as a wildcard team, at least. Week 17 will not matter anymore. If course, the Bengals still have a shot at winning the division so I doubt that they will want to just roll over when the Ravens come to town if they do win on Sunday.

The big question right now, though, is this: who do we thank for the Jets loss on Monday, the Titans for beating the Jets or the Jets for beating themselves?

The Titans won by a score of 14-10, but it was an ugly win that relied heavily on Jets miscues. Luckily for the Titans, there were plenty of miscues.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez threw four interceptions in the Jets loss, one of which sealed the team's fate. He also fumbled once, making it five turnovers for the Jets quarterback. It's almost like he was trying to give the Bengals an early Christmas present.

Luckily for us, the team that could have pushed the Bengals to win out was the Jets, who are quite literally a train wreck both on and off the field, and not a team that had it together. I seriously think we owe Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the rest of the Jets franchise a thank you card for the holidays this year.

What do you all think: do we all sign one giant card or do we each send one?