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"Several Thousand Tickets" Remain For Regular Season Finale Between Bengals And Ravens

Huge Week 17 game at the end of the season and the Bengals have several thousand tickets remaining. Not that we're really that surprised anymore.


The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Wednesday, largely to generate probable interest, that thousands of tickets remain for the season finale against the Baltimore Ravens on December 30, which could determine the AFC North championship depending on how this weekend goes for both teams.

"Sales have remained steady this week, but we are still several thousand short of a sellout," said ticket sales manager Andrew Brown. "The upside for fans at this point is that a number of seating options remain for what promises to be a very significant game. As we've said, we are giving our utmost to the goal of achieving a sellout and local television coverage, but more steady progress is going to be needed."

If the New York Giants beat the Baltimore Ravens and the Bengals secure a postseason berth with a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the regular season finale turns into the championship game for the division. We figure in that scenario it probably sells out, but I guess fans want to make sure that they're only coming if the game actually means something. But then I've given up looking into reasons why people refuse to go to Bengals games.