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Bengals Take 7-0 Lead On 16-Play, 91-Yard Touchdown Drive

Cincinnati Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis began the team's opening possession with a pair of conversions, picking up a first down on second and third down respectively during a possession that began from their own nine-yard line (thanks to a Brandon Tate fumble out of the endzone on the opening kickoff). Eventually the Bengals have third and eight from their own 47-yard line with 10:41 remaining in the first quarter. Andy Dalton takes the shotgun snap, feeling early pressure and prior to getting jacked, unleashes the football over the middle to a wide open Andrew Hawkins for 17 yards and the first down.

Unfortunately the Bengals didn't generate a first down afterward. Or did they? Reaching the 36-yard line, a Brian Leonard run and consecutive incomplete passes sets up a fourth and nine from the Chargers 35-yard line with over nine minutes remaining. The Bengals go for it. Nothing there, Dalton throws the football away.

But wait. The Chargers are called for a defensive hold. Automatic first down to the Chargers 30-yard line. A five-yard neutral zone infraction and five-yard Green-Ellis power run up the gut, gives Cincinnati another first down on San Diego's 20-yard line.

Dalton takes the second down snap following a Green-Ellis one-yard run, and floats the football down towards the front right pylon. A.J. Green ran a deep route with Jermaine Gresham running behind him on a fade, easily hauling in the football for a touchdown. The Bengals take a 7-0 lead on a 16-play, 91-yard touchdown drive.