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Novak Field Goal Makes Score 7-3

A 19 yard field goal from Nick Novak has cut the Bengals lead to four, with over 14 minutes remaining in the first half. The Chargers started the possession at their own 19 yard line. Big plays included a 15 yard pass to Malcom Floyd to get the Chargers into Bengals territory and an 18 yard pass from Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates. The Chargers had first and goal from the seven yard line, but Carlos Dunlap caused a fumble that put the Chargers in a tough second and goal spot from the 16 yard line.

A Ryan Matthews 6 yard catch and a Ronnie Brown eight yard catch put the Chargers at the two yard line, where they decided to kick the field goal. Rivers went 8-8 on the 13 play 79 yard drive that lasted 7 minutes and 42 seconds.