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Both Teams Kill The Clock Exchanging Punts Setting Up Chargers Two Minute Offense

The Cincinnati Bengals defense is just confused. When the Chargers run a pass, Cincinnati's defense plays the run. When Philip Rivers fakes the handoff, the defense is targeting the running back. And god forbid when the Chargers run a screen, the Bengals are in the process of wondering "should I rush the passer without a single blocker in front of me"? Despite Rivers completing a 17-yard pass to Danario Alexander on third and 11, the Chargers would eventually punt from their own 46-yard line on fourth and 17 with 5:58 remaining in the second quarter.

Andy Dalton and the Bengals kicked off their end-of-the-first-half-possession from their own 11-yard following a fair-catch/near fumble by Brandon Tate. Cincinnati efficiently moved the football with a combination of runs, passes, screens and end around-double passes to A.J. Green. Cincinnati had third and nine from the Chargers 44-yard line at the two minute warning (thanks to Whitworth's false start). Dalton takes the shotgun snap, scans the field and throws the football into the dirt at Brian Leonard's feet.