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Andy Dalton Throws Second Interception

After the Cincinnati Bengals defense held San Diego's offense to a quick three and out to open the second half, Adam Jones returned Mike Scifres punt 24 yards to the Bengals 40-yard line with 13:10 remaining in the third quarter. While scrambling on first down, Dalton floated the football targeting Andrew Hawkins near the left sidelines. The near-interception was striped out by Hawkins, causing Cincinnati to sigh in momentary relief. Dalton followed that up with a 16-yard pass to A.J. Green over the middle, picking up the first down to San Diego's 44-yard line.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis picked up another first down on nine and two yards on consecutive runs, followed by consecutive incomplete passes setting up a third and ten from the Chargers 33-yard line. Dalton takes the shotgun snap and bounces the football off Marvin Jones' back shoulder, watching the floating football as it's intercepted by Corey Lynch.

That's Dalton's second pick of the afternoon (even if it's not his fault).