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Fantasy Football Week 16 Sit/Start: Which Bengals to Play For Your Fantasy Super Bowl

Weeks and weeks of anxiety. The thrill of the victory. The onset of depression after a loss. The satisfaction of humiliating your opponent. It all led to this: The fantasy Super Bowl. Which Bengals players are worth risking it all this week?

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Whether it's for glory, or to simply save a shred of your reputation in a consolation bracket of some sort, you've got one more week to assemble the ideal roster. Let's take a look at which Bengals can help you get there.


A.J. Green - Regardless of A.J. Green's one-catch performance (and a touchdown) against the Steelers in October, he's always a must-start. You know this - I'm just here to remind you. Green has been largely responsible for why you're in the Super Bowl, I'd imagine. Let's also not forget the fact that Ike Taylor will not be on the field this Sunday.

Jermaine Gresham - Gresham had a season-high nine targets against the Eagles last week. He's seen at least four receptions in six of the last seven games. Gresham may be considered a "sleeper" in some regard, but he's been a solid play all season and starting him isn't exactly a reach for your Super Bowl. He did put up a weak performance against the Steelers in week seven, but the stakes of this game are as high for the Bengals as they are for you in your fantasy Super Bowl. He's a top ten tight end this week.

Bengals Defense - Cincinnati's defense is a borderline top ten start this week. The Steelers looked uncharacteristically dysfunctional against the Dallas Cowboys last week, and while they'll put in the effort to rebound against the Bengals, Cincinnati will have plenty of opportunities for sacks and turnovers. If your waiver wire is plagued with defenses that you have to spend more than a minute talking yourself into picking up, it's probably best to stick with Cincinnati's defense and ride them out this season.


BenJarvus Green-Ellis - He's still a borderline top twenty running back this week, but Green-Ellis will have his hands full with the Steelers run defense. He's been fortunate over the past month with some below average defenses. I doubt Green-Ellis will push your team into a high-scoring affair, but I also don't think he'll absolutely cost you your week (or your season). Start him only as a flex option if you can't find enough reason to bench him.

Andy Dalton - Dalton has yet to prove he can play well against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the Super Bowl. There are plenty of weeks that Dalton has been a huge asset to your fantasy squad, but it's time to let Dalton rest on your bench with your season on the line.

Andrew Hawkins - I wouldn't even start Hawkins in a PPR league this week. At this point in the season you're just getting cute if you start anyone but Gresham or Green. Hawkins is an interesting prospect in keeper leagues, but odds are you'll still be able to draft him in later rounds next season.

Best of luck to everyone in their fantasy postseason. Discuss your fantasy dilemmas in the comments below!