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Kevin Huber 64-Yard Punt Pins Steelers At Their Own Seven-Yard Line

After Jason Allen's hold that wiped out a 62-yard Adam Jones punt return, the Bengals open at their own 15-yard line with 5:59 remaining in the first quarter. Andy Dalton quickly hits Marvin Jones' out-route for an 11-yard gain and a quick first down to the 26-yard line.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis one-yard pickup and an Andrew Hawkins two-yard reception sets up a third and seven from the Bengals 29-yard line.

Dalton, with empty backfield, fires a fastball on a hitch route to Marvin Jones, falling one yard short of the first down. However the officials called it incomplete (which it was), forcing the Bengals to punt.

Antonio Brown allowed Kevin Huber's punt to roll to Pittsburgh's seven-yard line, forcing the Steelers to start within their own ten-yard line with under four minutes remaining.