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Bengals Practicing At UC's Indoor Practice Facility

It's a nasty winter weather event in Cincinnati and the Bengals have decided to practice inside away from the elements.

Gregory Shamus

It's a mess outside, depending on where you're located.

Further north is facing Blizzard-like conditions while the southern edges are dealing with snow, rain and something in the middle. During previous seasons the Bengals would load up in a bus, risk the conditions and drive north to Mason because the Bengals had no indoor practice facility. They still don't.

In the meantime the Bengals reached an agreement with the University of Cincinnati with the Bearcats playing two games at Paul Brown Stadium while the Bengals have access to the Bearcats indoor facility. The Bearcats have already shipped out for the Belk Bowl on Thursday so it's not being used.

With the conditions on Wednesday being as they are, the Bengals are loading up to practice for Sunday's game at the University of Cincinnati's indoor facility.