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Week 17 Television Coverage: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals can't do much to improve their postseason and the best the Ravens can do, with help, is move up as the No. 3 seed.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals can't improve upon their No. 6 seed and the best Baltimore can do, with help, is move up to the No. 3 seed. In other words the postseason implications for this game is rather minimal, compared to the others around the league. For example 99 percent of the entire nation west of the Mississippi river will get Houston at Indianapolis for the CBS early game, where Houston can clinch homefield advantage with a win; though the Colts can't improve on their position either.

As for the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens, it's not expansive. In fact a major of the state of Ohio will actually get Cleveland at Pittsburgh, two teams already eliminated from the postseason.

As for the rest of Sunday's game, both networks carry doubleheaders this weekend, save for some regions which won't get an early Fox game. Here's how it breaks down in Cincinnati:

1 PM (CBS): Baltimore at Cincinnati
1 PM (FOX): No game (due to NFL rules)
4 PM (CBS): Miami at New England
4 PM (FOX): Green Bay at Minnesota

To see what games are going to be in your region, check out