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The college football bowl season really gains momentum on Saturday.

Tom Pennington

The college bowl season is starting to gain momentum with 15 games over the next four days -- there are no games on Sunday because college football wouldn't dare touch the NFL's day of the week. Five bowl games will be played today on ESPN (one on ESPN 2). The schedule is as follows:

11:45 AM (ET): Armed Forces Bowl: Air Force vs. Rice (ESPN, Ch. 30, 301, 1301)
3:15 PM (ET) Pinstripe Bowl: Syracuse vs. West Virginia (ESPN, Ch. 30, 301, 1301)
4:00 PM (ET) Fight Hunger Bowl: Navy vs. Arizona State (ESPN2, Ch. 31, 302, 1302)
6:45 PM (ET) Alamo Bowl: Oregon State vs. Texas (ESPN, Ch. 30, 301, 1301)
10:15 PM (ET) Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: Michigan State vs. TCU (ESPN, Ch. 30, 301, 1301)

This is the open thread for those games, or anything else you beautiful patrons of Cincy Jungle wish to discuss. It will be up all day in the first position while the rest of Saturday's stories will begin at No. 2 and feed into the river.