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Nick Lachey Trash Talks His Way Out of Qualcomm Stadium During Bengals vs. Chargers

Cincinnati native and entertainment celebrity Nick Lachey gets caught up in some fightin' words as a Bengals fan, resulting in a boot from Qualcomm Stadium.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

It's happened to a lot of people, even the best of us: Words are said, tempers flare, and the situation derails enough to the point where it's out of control.

Nick Lachey knows all too well how it feels. The Cincinnati native, known for his front-running of boy band 98 degrees, his former marriage to Jessica Simpson, and his current stint as a reality TV host, can now put "hardcore Bengals fan" on his resume.

Lachey engaged in some sort of fan-fueled squabble while opting to sit amongst the civilians of San Diego during Sunday's Bengals-Chargers game. While it's not clear what exactly was said during the altercation, Lachey was escorted out of Qualcomm stadium by security, after which he took to Twitter:

Of course, the Bengals went on to beat the Chargers in spite of Lachey's unfortunate turn of events. After the dust settled, Lachey went on to say that he enjoyed the Chargers fans, but there's always "one guy that ruins it for everyone."

As a Bengals fan, Lachey gets a supportive nod as far as I'm concerned. However, some cynical part of me wishes I could comment on this from the other side of the fence.