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NFL Playoffs: Updated Scenarios For Probable Cincinnati Bengals Opponents

Breaking down the remaining scenarios for the Cincinnati Bengals opponent for the first round of the 2012 NFL playoffs.

Thomas B. Shea

With the Cincinnati Bengals securing a ten-win season with a 23-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens earlier this afternoon, locking the Ravens into the No. 4 seed, and the Houston Texans taking one on the chin by the Indianapolis Colts 28-16, the late afternoon games have taken greater importance on Sunday, leaving two first-round bye positions and homefield advantage available to the final three teams.

If the New England Patriots beat the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bengals head to Houston to play the Texans. However if one of those two teams lose, that will be Cincinnati's opponent. And if the Patriots and Broncos both lose, the Bengals head to New England to play the Patriots.

The likelihood points at a rematch against the Texans, however the Broncos and Patriots narrowly beat the Chiefs and Dolphins respectively during their first-game meetings earlier this year. And as they say, "any given Sunday."