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First Round 2013 NFL Draft Projection: Bengals Select At No. 20

They exist. People far more concerned about the 2013 NFL draft than the 2012 regular season. That's alright though; whatever makes people happy, we say.


The crew at Mocking the Draft update the projected first round draft order based on what the outcomes from the previous week. Since the Cincinnati Bengals have gone on a winning streak of four games, they've absolutely wrecked their first round draft position, falling all the way to No. 20.

Equally exciting is that the Bengals will likely pick twice between No. 20 and No. 40, thanks to the Carson Palmer trade which gives the Bengals Oakland's second round pick in 2013. And god bless Palmer for helping ensure that outcome -- though we're reasonable enough to say he's not the problem in Oakland.

One reader pointed out that it would be kind of cool if the Bengals drafted No. 32 (for winning the Super Bowl) and No. 33 (if Oakland has the first pick in the second round).