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Cincy Jungle Interview With Bengals Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick: The Pre-Draft Process

Cincy Jungle's Anthony Cosenza recently spent a little time with Bengals rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick to catch up on things. Not only is he seeing some playing time late in the season, but he has also teamed up with Pepsi MAX. He touched on the pre-draft process.

Al Bello

We were privileged to be joined this week by Bengals rookie cornerback, Dre Kirkpatrick. The 2012 first round pick has been seeing the field lately and contributing on both special teams and defense. He's also working with Pepsi MAX and their promotions with both the Rookie of the Week and Rookie of the Year awards.

I asked him at one point about the pre-draft process and if he had any idea that the Bengals were going to take him at No.17 overall:

DK: "I had a couple of teams that were looking closely at me, but I had a pretty good feeling about the Bengals. They had an ESPN pre-draft party that they gave us and they were matching faces with teams and they had me going to the Bengals. And then Andy Dalton got on there the day of the draft and said that he'd like to have me at corner, so I kind of thought that that was where I was going."

A big thanks to our producer Jason Blanton for his work and to Mr. Kirkpatrick for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with me for you all here at CJ. Have a listen to the entire interview here. If you are unable to listen to the interview, we'll be transcribing bits of it in different posts.