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Jermaine Gresham REALLY Wants To Pay Andrew Whitworth's Fine

Cincinnati Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth was fined and Jermaine Gresham wants to pay it for him.

Andy Lyons

Cincinnati Bengals starting left tackle Andrew Whitworth was recently fined $26,250 for his role during the fight against "coward" Oakland Raiders players, ignited after Whitworth took exception on Lamarr Houston taking Andy Dalton to the ground long after the play had been called dead. Bengals players, including quarterback Andy Dalton have offered to pay for the fine. Jermaine Gresham on the other hand really, really, really wants to pay the fine.

"Jermaine has been on me all week to give me some money. Every day he's begging for my account," Whitworth said. "I've been running away from him. I appreciate the gesture, but I feel like it's mine to live up to. I'll eat it. But it means a lot to me for a guy like him to try and help me. It means a lot."

We can see it now. Gresham sets up a trap using Acme equipment with the goal of shoving a few bucks in Whitworth's pocket. And it's probably a terrible idea too.