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Cincy Jungle Interview With Bengals Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick: Thoughts On Alabama Football

We recently interviewed Bengals rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick and asked him about a number of subjects. One of the topics was about his thoughts on the state of Alabama football.

Kevin C. Cox

We continue our transcribed posts of our recent interview with Bengals rookie cornerback, Dre Kirkpatrick. IN this final post of the series, we touch on Kirkpatrick's thoughts on the current state of the University of Alabama football program. I asked him a couple of questions on the subject:

AC: "Your Alabama Crimson Tide are back in the National Championship against Notre Dame. I'm sure you've been following them this season--what are your thoughts on their year so far and how do you see that game going?"

DK: "Oh man--they have the same kind of attitude that we had last year. We never thought we were out of it, even after the loss to LSU and we always knew we would get back into it some way. I feel like they have those same kind of ideas and attitude. Coach Saban doesn't lose two games that often."

AC: "What's it like playing for a guy like Nick Saban? He seems like a militant type of a coach. Is he that type of a coach that the media portrays, or is he a little bit different and is more of a player's coach?"

DK: "He's more of a player's coach to me. I can go to him with anything. He's a hard coach, he's going to get on you and ask a lot of you and make you stay humble, but deep down he's got a heart. He was always making me laugh in the meeting rooms and I wouldn't have rather played for any other coach."

Dre is working with Pepsi MAX in their Rookie of the Week and Rookie of the Year promotions. You can listen to the entire audio interview here.