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Assignment of the Day: Coming Up With Nicknames For Bengals Players

While looking over the great nicknames in NFL history, it occurred to us that the usage of nicknames is a fading art. So let's dirty the blank canvass and come up with nicknames for Bengals players.

Jeff Gross

Who has the best nickname in the NFL?

Throughout the league's history, we've seen some great nicknames in the NFL. Night Train Lane, Prime Time, Nigerian Nightmare, Crazy Legs Hirsch, The Fridge, Kansas Comet, The Minister of Defense, Slingin' Sammy are just a handful of examples. Many of whom I personally never had the honor to watch; save for grainy black and white reels.

On the other hand, the Cincinnati Bengals have had their share recently, including Housh, Ochocinco (prior to his name change), Ickey and today there's the Red Riffle and The Law Firm. There's even the Fischer Price package; a collection of young defensive lineman including Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson and Geno Atkins. We've called Leon Hall a technician for several years, so why not call him The Technician.

But some of these players need their own nicknames.

A.J. Green? What could possibly be a nickname that accurately describes his production? I've suggested Gumby, but was ridiculed for it. Harshly. Some prefer his whole name being a nickname, mostly echoing Dan Hoard's "Adriel Jeremiah Green" touchdown calls.

Geno Atkins. The Lieutenant? Geno Sacks -- his Twitter handle? What about The Governor (and yes, some of that might be related to The Walking Dead). Andre Smith. Barricade.