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Dallas Cowboys And Their Trend of .500 Visits Paul Brown Stadium This Weekend

The Dallas Cowboys have so much talent, name recognition, yet struggle to become anything more than a .500 team.


Since the turn of the century the Dallas Cowboys have an impressive 102-102 record over the course of the previous past 204 games dating back to the regular season opener in 2000; including 14-14 since 2011. Once could argue that it's the definition of consistency but we know better. We asked SB Nation's Blogging the Boys, site manager Dave Halprin a description on the Cowboys season this year.

"Frustrating. That is how we've felt all year. When Dallas came out and beat the Giants in the first game, expectations were raised. Since then, you just really don't know what Cowboys team will show up, and for how long in a game. They can look fantastic one moment, inept the next."

Save for the Washington Redskins two weeks ago, the Cowboys haven't lost to a team with a losing record since the Week Five bye. On the other hand, they haven't beaten a team with a winning record at the time the game was played (win over the New York Giants was the regular season opener, thus both teams were 0-0) and have won back-to-back games once this year (Week 10 and 11 against the Eagles and Browns respectively).

"They will totally throw away the first half of a game, only to come roaring back in the second half. Injuries have also been a major issue, especially on defense. Watching this team is an exercise in constant frustration. You know they can play better than they are, but they just won't prove it."

Dallas has won three of their past four, but those three were the Eagles (twice) and Browns, teams with a combined 7-17 record at this point in the season. So much talent on this roster with a very public owner in Jerry Jones, something has to change in Dallas. When asked who would be on the hot seat more, Tony Romo or head coach Jason Garrett, Halprin argues the head coach... just not anytime soon.

"Jason Garrett would be on the hot seat more than Tony Romo. While Dallas does need to start developing some kind of replacement plan for Romo down the road, he's in no danger of being on the hot seat. And he shouldn't. He's the least of the Cowboys issues. Garrett will be mentioned as a hot seat guy, but personally I think Jerry Jones will stick with him for another year. I would agree with that decision. I'd give him one more year to prove he can coach a winner."

Dallas will visit the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday, and wouldn't you know it, they're 3-3 on the road this year.