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Cowboys Take 3-0 Lead On 12-Play Opening Drive

With the Cowboys winning the coin toss and electing to receive, the Bengals defense opened the game on defense.

And Dallas moved the football downfield. After a series of minimal gains on first and second down, the Cowboys have third and six from the Cowboys 24-yard line. Tony Romo hit wide receiver Dwayne Harris on a curl with Adam Jones covering. After the cornerback missed the tackle, Harris picked up a handful of yardage down the left sidelines, generating 21 yards and the first down.

The Cowboys chipped away through the air and ground, picking up chunks of yardage for short third down conversions, picking up multiple first downs with ease.

Eventually they have third and one from the Bengals 19-yard line with under nine minutes remaining in the first quarter. Tony Romo fakes to DeMarco Murray and makes a dangerous throw over the middle, nearly picked off by Chris Crocker.

The Cowboys take the early lead with a Dan Bailey field goal.