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Bengals Respond To Cowboys Field Goal, Use Running Game To Take 7-3 Lead

Oh, those tricky Bengals. Cincinnati responded resoundingly to the Cowboys' nice opening drive with an outstanding one of their own. Using a glut of running plays, the Bengals took advantage of a decimated Cowboys defense to take a 7-3 lead at home.

After a nice kick return by Brandon Tate, the Bengals used an up-the-gut 19 yard run play sprung by Chris Pressley's block and a 37-yard end around by rookie Marvin Jones. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden didn't stop there with the trickeration, either.

Wide receiver Andrew Hawkins took a pass/pitch from Andy Dalton, followed his blocks and scampered into the end zone on an eight-yard run after catch. It was perhaps the easiest touchdown pass of Dalton's career. The Bengals have a 7-3 lead, have stopped the Cowboys on a three-and-out and have great field position thanks to a terrible Cowboys punt.