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Cowboys Tied The Game At 10 Following Andy Dalton Interception

Thanks to a partial block by Dan Herron on a punt (and a Cowboys-benefited) roll to the 25-yard line, the Benagls open their third possession of the game with 13:49 remaining in the first quarter.

Yet it was over just as quick.

Andy Dalton faked the hand off on first and ten from midfield, rolled out right, trying to muscle the football to A.J. Green near the 40-yard line. Brandon Carr intercepted the really ill-advised pass and returned it to the Bengals 27-yard line.

Tony Romo popped a fastball down the middle of the field to Jason Witten, picking up 25 yards to the two-yard line. After an overturned touchdown (Austin Miles juggled the football as he was going out of bounds), DeMarco Murray picked up minimal yards on second down, but jumped over the pile with outstretched arms, grasping the football and breaking the plane.

The game is tied with 10;33 remaining in the first half.