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Michael Johnson Injures Right Foot, Questionable To Return

The Bengals have suffered some odd injuries today against the Cowboys in a variety of different ways. One such play was when quarterback Tony Romo appeared to have been sacked by Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap late in the second quarter. Unfortunately for the Bengals, Dunlap grabbed Romo's facemask towards the end of the play which would have given the Bengals the ball back with great field position and a little time to work with.

It didn't work out that way, and also unfortunately, Johnson injured his right foot on the play while trying to drag Romo down. It's unclear how severe the injury is, but his return to the game is questionable at this point. Linebacker Rey Maualuga suffered a knee injury, was questionable and ultimately returned, so hopefully we see the same with Johnson. The Bengals only got pressure on Romo late in the second, so having Johnson back will be key.