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Wacky Red Zone Possession Ends With Josh Brown Field Goal, Extending Lead 16-10

With Dallas winning the pregame coin toss and electing to receive, the Cincinnati Bengals opened the second half on offense and quickly penetrate midfield within four plays, using an assortment of screens, quick passes and power runs.

With third and inches from the Cowboys 40-yard line with 12:41 remaining in the second quarter, Dalton fakes the handoff and finds a wide open Orson Charles, running from his LTE spot, sprinting out towards the left sidelines, picking up 17 yards on the first down conversion to the Cowboys 23-yard line.

After a momentary break on a nasty collision that had Morris Claiborne down on the field, the Bengals possession resumed with 11:45 remaining in the third.

An 11-yard Marvin Jones reception, Andrew Whitworth, Andy Dalton scramble and unsporsmanlike penalty on Cowboys defensive coordinator, two-yard BenJarvus Green Ellis run and illegal touch on Marvin Jones, include to Jermaine Gresham (was knocked out on hit in the endzone), too many players on the field by Dallas sets up a third and goal at the Cowboys seven-yard line.

Dalton flings the football to A.J. Green on a quick slant, but the sure-handed receiver, drops the football.

Josh Brown converts the field goal, extending the Bengals lead 16-10.