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Reggie Nelson Overcomes, Sacks Romo To End Dallas Drive

Hard hits are no longer allowed in the NFL. Obviously, not to the head, but not the body, ground, wall or self either.

After Josh Brown's 52-yard field goal, Dallas regained possession at their own 20-yard line. On third-and-long, Romo threw deep to Dez Bryant and momentarily connected for a long completion. But as he took the ball in, Reggie Nelson flew in with his shoulder and drilled Bryant in the chest (repeat: shoulder to chest), knocking the receiver to his back and jarring the ball loose. Nelson was called for a 15-yard penalty and the drive continued.

With a new set of downs, the Cowboys could do nothing. An incompletion on first and second-down was followed by pure justice--a Reggie Nelson sack to end the drive. Beautiful.

After a Dallas punt, Bengals took over at their own 34-yard line.