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Cowboys Gash Bengals Defense, Climb Back In At 19-17

You had to figure that the mistakes would catch up with the Bengals at some point. Dropped passes and penalties have been the modus operandi for Cincinnati all day and the defense had been able to quell the Dallas offensive attack all afternoon. Save for midway in the fourth quarter.

Tony Romo sliced and diced the Bengals' defense, mostly on third down and/or long distances, and threw a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant to cut the Bengals lead. Kevin Ogletree had a big part in the drive, collecting two catches for 28 yards in critical situations. Romo hit Bryant on a 27-yard slant route for a touchdown.

Cincinnati has beat themselves all day and it's looking like it's beginning to catch up with them. Keep in mind that they don't have any timeouts left in the second half. Bengals have the ball midway through the fourth quarter, grasping to a 19-17 lead.