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Chad Ochocinco On A.J. Green And Getting On The Same Page With Tom Brady

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Chad Ochocinco is the Cincinnati Bengals' all-time leading receiver, both in total yards (10,783) and touchdowns (66). His antics and touchdown dances helped bring the Bengals to a wider audience and he was by far a fan favorite. After the 2008 season, though, things went down hill when it came to Chad's relationship with the team. He demanded a trade before the disastrous 2008 season and things have never really been the same.

So, it came as no surprise when the Bengals traded him to the Patriots after they drafted new No. 1 receiver A.J. Green. Many Bengals fans were happy to see Chad go, some were sad. Either way, Chad's now going to be playing for a Super Bowl ring on Sunday, but that hasn't stopped him for thinking about his old team.

During the Patriots' media day, Chad commented about how good of a year Green had as the new Bengals No. 1 receiver.

Per Joe Reedy:

"What he did this year was no surprise," said Ochocinco of Green. "He's still raw. That's the scary part. He's still raw, but he's a great talent and he's only going to get better. Especially the tools he has, he's only going to get better as time goes on. You don't drop off."

Ochocinco has struggled this season. Many thought that he would have a great season moving from the Bengals' struggling offense to the high powered offense run by Tom Brady in New England. That wasn't the case, though. Chad had a career low 276 yards during the season with only one touchdown. He struggled to be on the same page as Brady and he knows it.

"There was a time when Carson (Palmer) could drop back and throw the ball with his eyes closed and he would know where I would be. I need to be on that page with Brady and right now it hasn't happened," he said.

If Chad can some how connect with Brady and play the way he's capable, he could definitely help the Patriots win Super Bowl XLVI, especially since Rob Gronkowski, the team's best receiver, could sit out, or at least be limited, with an ankle injury.