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Rey Maualuga Could Be In For Multiple-Game Suspension

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According to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, Bengals middle linebacker Rey Maualuga could get suspended for multiple games if he is charged with a crime stemming from the report that he was in an altercation at a bar and injured a bar manager in the process. The punishment for Maualuga would be worse if there was alcohol involved and judging by the fact that bars serve alcohol (that's pretty much all they do), it would be a safe bet that there was.

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If Maualuga is charged, it would be a second violation in two years under the personal conduct policy and if it was alcohol related, it could be worse. After his DUI in Covington two years ago, Maualuga was placed in stage one of the league's Alcohol and Substance Abuse program. He appealed a one-game suspension and instead was fined two game checks ($46470.58) and part of his signing bonus. That falls in line with the suspensions outlined in an agreement between the league and its players.

Said a league spokesman at the time: "Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals has been fined two game checks and will forfeit an additional 2/17 of his signing bonus attributable to 2010 for an alcohol-related violation of law (DUI) that is also a violation of the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse."

Reedy went on to say that if Maualuga does get charged and alcohol is found to be involved, it would fall into the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy, which states: ""Discipline for a second or subsequent offense is likely to be a suspension, the duration of which may escalate for repeat offenses."

Stay tuned for more on this story.

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