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An Excuse To Post The Who Dey Rap And Fear Da Tiger Music Videos

God I miss the 80s.

Adam Rank of nominates the worst sports videos by teams, from the The Bears "Super Bowl Shuffle", the "Redskins Rap", the Dallas Cowboys with "Christmas in Dallas" to Cincinnati's own "Who Dey" rap (Who Dat lovers may have a Super Bowl, but we have our own rap song... beat that!). And of the nominations for worst song, the winner goes to the Los Angeles Rams for "Let's Ram It". It's brilliant.

I take that back. I hated the 80s. But the brilliance of such a word usage today would be refined to adult website searches, a computer's nerds integration into the music industry or a construction worker's rock ballad. All of which works perfectly, despite the troubling nature of how the word is instantly guttered, yet used grandly like some of our more precious examples in the modern sense.

Anyway. I'm rambling. This whole post is our own excuse for some Who Dey rappin'.

And who can forget Bootsy Collins' Fear Da Tiger?

Yea. We got style, baby.