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2012 NFL Draft: Mocks Starting To Blend Together For Bengals

The good thing about talking about the upcoming draft is it's exciting for Bengals fans because the team has two first-round picks and these are exciting times for a franchise that overachieved in 2011 with some very talented and young players. The bad thing is that with a mock draft coming out almost every single day, many of them say we do the same thing.

The Bengals need help at cornerback, running back, guard, safety and wide receiver. With the exception of wide receiver, every mock draft we've reported on has them taking a players of two of these positions in the first round. This one is no different.

SB Nation's Mocking the Draft pumped out a Valentine's Day mock draft, and in the first round, they predict the Bengals take a cornerback and a guard. Boring.

With the No. 17 overall pick, MTD thinks the Bengals grab North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins. I don't think I need to tell you how I feel about this pick (since I've done it like 10 times), but in case you're new to the site, I don't like it. Jenkins has too many off-field problems and after watching Jerome Simpson get busted with like a million pounds of weed and after hearing about Rey Maualuga's bar fight, I have no desire to see another young problem child in a Bengals uniform.

Then with the No. 21 overall pick, MTD says the Bengals take Georgia guard Cordy Glenn. Glenn is this draft class' second-best guard after Stanford's David DeCastro and the Bengals definitely need help at guard. With Bobbie Williams, Nate Livings and Mike McGlynn all hitting free agency on March 13, and due to the fact that only Williams is worth re-signing to a short deal, the Bengals definitely need to address the position.

So, Bengals fans, what do you think about this draft? Let me guess, you feel the same way about this one as you did the last one?