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Filed Under Fun: Five-Year Old Girl Protests Homework Assignment

Not Emma Burton

Here's something you can file under fun. Driving into work Thursday morning, listening to ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning on a miserable drive down I-75, Mike Golic read the story of a five-year old girl named Emma Burton. From Fox 4 in Kansas City, the young girl "refused to participate in a class assignment where her class was told to color a Jayhawk — KU’s mascot." The problem is that Emma's a Kansas State fan. Did Emma give in to the teacher's ridiculously evil plans? Hell, no. Well not at first.

The assignment was part of the class’s celebration of the state of Kansas. Emma asked her teacher for a picture a Powercat, K-State’s mascot, because that’s where her parents attended college. But her teacher told her there weren’t any Powercats to color. That’s when Emma threw the Jayhawk in the trash.

Emma’s teacher told her mother about her actions after school. At home, Emma’s mother, Julie Burton, made a bargain with her daughter. She would color the Jayhawk she threw in the trash, but she could also color a Powercat that her mother printed — but only if she wrote an apology letter with it. She consented, but announced the next day she would go to school wearing a K-State shirt.

Emma returned to class the following day and when the project was "officially recognized by her teacher, later that day Emma trashed her Jayhawk coloring sheet at home." So do we have any Bengals fans outside deep in another team's territory with a similar story?