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Clinton Portis Wants Back In The NFL--Cincinnati A Destination?

All of our readers are well aware of the Bengals need for a feature running back, especially if Cedric Benson does not return. So, does Clinton Portis get anyone excited? I did not think it would, but Portis is interested in getting back into the game. The only question now is if Portis will receive any interest from NFL teams.

If memory serves, you will remember that Portis worked out for the Bengals in late September of last season. This occurred while Benson was appealing a three game suspension. The Bengals also worked out Larry Johnson at that time, as they had been familiar with him after his 2009 stint on their roster. They did not sign Portis or Johnson, as Benson only missed one game--a far less severe punishment than originally expected. At the age of 30, Portis did not sign with a team and was said to be in poor shape.

The former Bronco and Redskin running back thinks that he can still bring it on Sundays:

"I’m ready to go back, ready to work things out and I’m open to idea of going out to prove that I can still play," Portis said.

Portis saying that he is "open to the idea" of proving that he can still play does not exactly sound like he is that motivated to get back, at least in my opinion. However, it is certainly possible that a team will bring him in to their Training Camp and see what he has left. Portis is only 77 rushing yards shy10,000 for his career.

Would you, as a Bengals fan, bring Portis in to see what he has left? Many thought that age and injuries caught up to Willis McGahee going into last season, but he put up a Pro Bowl year. Does Portis have that type of season left in him, or is he running on fumes? If he is out of gas, maybe Portis can head to the Indoor Football League with Terrell Owens.