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Insomniac Open Thread: Reading Bengals News With Your SB Nation Mobile App

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If you're like many of us, we eat, sleep, dream about Bengals football. Hell I'm pretty confident that a majority of you take your smart phones to the bathroom, fire up your SB Nation mobile app and read about the going-on with the Bengals while clogging the bathroom (however you want to approach that word usage is up to you). You can't stay disconnected, you awesomely-conditioned Bengals fan you. If realizing after reading that statement that you were unaware that we have a mobile app, then we absolutely do (Android, iPhone).

Perhaps you're stirring in your bed, wondering who the Bengals will draft (Joe Goodberry), whether or not the Bengals will be active in free agency and if the Bengals will succumb to the ridiculous urgency to draft a running back in the first round (Josh Kirkendall).

Either way, bring your Mr. Sandman hatin' stories to the insomniac (overnight) open thread.