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Adam Schefter: Cornerback Stanford Routt Agreed To Terms With The Kansas City Chiefs

+ Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt visited the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday, concluding a three-team tour visiting franchises that he could call home in 2012. On Sunday Pro Football Talk published that Routt could pick one of those three teams soon, which includes the Bengals, Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Mike Florio, a contract should be finalized for Routt on Monday. Soon after that Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Routt agreed to terms with the Kansas City Chiefs.

There were plenty of reasons to believe that Routt would sign with the Kansas City Chiefs, more so than the Bengals. For example it's not a sure-thing that he'd start with the Bengals, especially if Leon Hall returns to form following his rehabilitation with his injured Achilles. Additionally we don't see the team offering a long-term deal with significant guaranteed money -- only incentives.

If Routt Signs With The Bengals, Don't Expect Him To Offer Long-Term Solutions

That being said Routt would have helped improve the team's overall secondary depth, allowing Kelly Jennings or Adam Jones to leave for free agency while the Bengals draft a first-round cornerback to ease into the roster as a third or fourth-string cornerback, learning at his own pace (whomever that is).

However in the end nothing has changed and the Bengals are still faced with severe depth issues in the secondary.

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