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Bengals WR Jerome Simpson In Court; New Status Hearing Set For March 1

Today Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson appeared in Kenton Circuit Court over allegations that marijuana was shipped to his home in Kentucky made its way through the legal system. In September a package of marijuana arrived at Simpson's house in Crestview Hills house. The package contained 2.9 pounds of marijuana.

A plea agreement could not be reached according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Casey Burns. Another status hearing for the case has been set for March 1. Simpson pleaded not guilty in January to trafficking marijuana in excess of eight ounces. If Simpson is convicted then he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison. However, in Kenton County most first-time offenders don't severe the full sentence.

Simpson was held and later freed on a $2,500 cash bond. But he didn't speak with reporters after being released. Simpson's attorney, Travis Burr has stated that the package wasn't addressed to Simpson, but he didn't provide the name of that the package was addressed to.

If Simpson is convicted then it will undoubtedly be a sign that his time with the Bengals and maybe even in the NFL are over. As we receive more information we will continue to update you.

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