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PFF: Cincinnati Bengals Have Two Of The League's Better Pass Blockers At Tackle

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+ While we speak about this team's need to develop and find offensive guards, we're not so obsessed about it that we forget about other positions. If that were something we needed to worry about in regards to the passing offense. According to Pro Football Focus' grading system, the Cincinnati Bengals have two of the league's better pass blockers, according to their Pass Blocking Efficiency scores that applies snaps during passing plays and quarterback pressures allowed.

For example, Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth allowed 20 quarterback pressures, out of 582 snaps in pass protection for a Pass Blocking Efficiency score of 97.3. Over the course of the past two seasons, Whitworth routinely ranks either first or second in Pro Football Focus' pass blocking ratings. The Rams' Harvey Dahl and Cleveland's Joe Thomas are the only tackles with a better PBE than Whitworth.

But Whitworth wasn't the only Bengals offensive tackle to be scored with a PBE better than 95.

Andre Smith took part in 503 snaps in pass protection in 2011, allowing only 27 quarterback pressures for a Pass Blocking Efficiency score of 95.8. Now it wasn't the efficiency of Cincinnati's should-be Pro Bowl tackle, but it's a significant confidence booster for an offensive tackle that was once described as an early bust.