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Link Dump For February 22, 2012

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Here are a collection of links for your Wednesday morning that we've found across the web. This is a new feature we're trying to incorporate into the site that will be added once per day (if there's a ton), but at the last once every 2-3 days. We're sure we'll come up with a better title -- though saying the word "dump" still gives us a chuckle.

Monday Morning Quarterback - Peter King -
Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback prepares for the NFL Combine this week.

Key offseason needs for every team in the AFC - NFL - ESPN
Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. prepares you for the NFL's offseason by breaking down the three key areas each team in the AFC must address before the 2012 season begins.

It’s an easy year to avoid overpaying running backs | ProFootballTalk
The best free agent running backs aren't going anywhere. The rest of the free agent running backs aren't too inspiring. Perhaps this is the year where NFL teams realize you don't need to overpay runners in free agency.

Rice said to be seeking Peterson money | National Football Post
Ravens star could end up being franchised.

Pre Combine: Top 15 prospect rankings | National Football Post
Who makes our top 15 before the start of the 2012 NFL combine?