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2012 Mock Draft: Bengals Select Guard And Cornerback In Latest Sports Illustrated Mock Draft

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It's that time for yet another mock draft in the many we've chronicled so far. And I'm sure by now that most, if not all of you followers of Cincy Jungle, are tired of these mock drafts not being the actual one in April, but they are entertaining and we like the debates that they spur.

But it's still February so we have to play the "what if game" for now.. In the latest mock draft, Sports Illustrated has the Cincinnati Bengals selecting a guard and cornerback with their two first-round picks, continuing one of the common trends we've seen with the Bengals in these mocks.

With their No. 17 pick, according to Sports Illustrated, the Bengals select Stanford guard David DeCastro.

(From Oakland) The Bengals have two picks in the span of five slots (17th and 21st), so logic tells you they will take the highest-rated remaining player who fills a need. That's DeCastro, the draft's best interior lineman prospect and one of the guys who kept Andrew Luck well-protected the past three years.

I'm in favor of this pick. It helps solidify the offensive line and gives the Bengals an athletic guard that would hopefully be around for the long-run. He's a solid pass blocker and an excellent run blocker. He was one of the main forces for Stanford's rushing attack the past three seasons. With Bobbie Williams, Mike McGlynn, and Nate Livings set to become free agents, it makes perfect sense for the Bengals to go with DeCastro, assuming he's still on the board when Cincinnati makes their first selection.

With the No. 21 pick SI has the Bengals selecting Janoris Jenkins from North Alabama.

As we've noted above, Jenkins has first-round talent, but his character issues will take him out of play for some teams. The Bengals don't usually shy away from players with off-field baggage, or they wouldn't have ever given Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens a shot to wear the tiger stripes. Cincinnati needs help at cornerback, and that might carry the day for the ex-Gator turned North Alabama standout.

There's no doubt that the Bengals need help at cornerback ever since Jonathan Joseph left and Leon Hall's status for 2012 remains questionable, but I don't think Jenkins is the answer. Sure he has tremendous talent, but his off-field baggage really makes him an unattractive commodity. In this mock draft safety Mark Barron of Alabama is still on the board. Barron might be the better choice here instead of Jenkins.

Overall I like the first pick, but not the second one. Only time will tell what the Bengals actually do come April. What do you think of the latest mock draft from Sports Illustrated?