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Trent Richardson has Minor Knee Surgery (Updated Post)

In a previous FanShot, it was reported that Alabama running back Trent Richardson will not be participating in any of the on-field drills at the combine in Indianapolis this weekend, as well as not participating at Alabama's pro day on March 7, due to a minor knee procedure. Richardson underwent a knee scope three weeks ago to rid his knee of loose particles and to assuage discomfort he was having following the BCS National Championship game.

It has just been announced that Richardson will work out for NFL teams on March 27. This is a later date but it is still almost four weeks before the draft and is still before the last pro day for NCAA teams (April 4 is the last pro day).

Richardson is considered to be the top back in this years NFL draft and is ranked no. 3 overall by Mel Kiper. This news should not worry any Bengals fans as it was a "minor" procedure that normally requires 2-3 weeks of recovery before you can be back at full speed. The fact that his pro day is late in March is a preemptive measure more than anything because Richardson needs to be as healthy as possible before he is scouted by 32 NFL teams. The extra three weeks also give Richardson the opportunity to get back to where he was at the end of the season physically and regain any fitness he might have lost from being off for 3 weeks because of the knee procedure.

What does this news mean for Bengals fans? Absolutely nothing. Those fans who think that this means that Richardson will fall to the Bengals now for sure because he had a scope done on his knee are simply trying to trick themselves into believing that the Bengals will be able to draft him. Not including OTAs and rookie workouts in late April and early May, training camp does not start until July and Richardson will absolutely be 100 percent by then, if not earlier. If it were a ligament tear or a knee sprain it might be a different story, but because of the inconsequential nature of his procedure, any team that had Richardson on their radar last week, will have him in the same spot on their radar next week.