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A Preview Of Cincy Jungle's New YouTube Channel

So SB Nation has started a new YouTube channel and are busy filming very professional and original content. As a part of the new YouTube project, every NFL site, including Cincy Jungle, has a representative to film original content about the team. Cincy Jungle's representative is me.

So yesterday, for the first time, I was downtown filming a couple test runs for our YouTube channel. These videos have been marked private, so they can't be found through a search, because we want all the bugs out of the system before we go live, but, just for you, I'm going to show the videos I shot yesterday.

Now keep in mind the following: these are very rough cuts, they haven't been edited, there is no intro, outro, transitions or text yet (we will have all of them eventually) so don't judge us quite yet. Be sure to keep sending us questions and I'm always open for suggestions on where or what to film.

So, here are the videos.

Feel free to leave suggestions, or talk about how pretty I am in the comments section below.