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No Progress Being Made Between Mario Manningham And The New York Giants

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New York Giants wide receiver Mario Manningham remains a general favorite among fans and (partially) the media covering Cincinnati as a possible veteran free agent signing for the Bengals. Though there's nothing to indicate that the Bengals will sign Manningham, save for idle speculation that tends to explode this time of year, it also makes sense to build the wide receiver position this offseason, giving Andy Dalton more options and helping to free Green in coverage. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there's been "no progress on new deal with the Giants and will enter free agency."

The Cincinnati Bengals are heading into free agency without a viable number two wide receiver. Jerome Simpson, who played opposite of A.J. Green, was under-whelming. Simpson struggled to generate more than two receptions in seven games, including goose-eggs in both games against the Pittsburgh Steelers (seriously if you can't play well against the Steelers, what use are you to us?). And 12 of Sampson's 16 games in 2011, the wide receiver failed to surpass 50 yards receiving. And that's not to mention the three-plus years prior to 2011 in which the coaching staff never felt comfortable putting Simpson on the field nor the pending federal charges against Simpson.

Manningham has generated 160 receptions for 2,315 yards receiving and 18 touchdowns in four seasons with the Giants.