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Mike Mayock: Trent Richardson Is The Best Running Back Prospect Since Adrian Peterson

Mike Mayock is highly respected around the league, often cited as one of the best analysts on television either calling games or presenting analysis (we're sure there are some of you that just hate everyone, including Mayock and that's cool). Mayock, a tenth-round safety out of Boston College that played two years for the New York Giants, believes that Alabama running back Trent Richardson is the best running back prospect to enter the NFL draft since Adrian Peterson.

"His size-speed ratio is great," Mayock said. "He's got tremendous feet for his size, really good balance and good vision."

Richardson was selected by our own Jason Garrison 17th overall in SB Nation's Pre-Combine Mock Draft earlier this morning. It was reported earlier this week that Richardson underwent a minor procedure on his knee, generating speculation that he could fall in the draft.

Cincinnati is entering free agency with a gap at running backs on the roster. Cedric Benson and Brian Leonard are entering free agency as unrestricted free agents, while Bernard Scott remains the only signed back on the roster for 2012. Aaron Brown and James Develin signed offseason contracts earlier this year.