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Bengals Banter: Signing Jim McNally Invites Memories Of Cincinnati's Golden Offensive Lines

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+ During his reign as Cincinnati's offensive line coach from 1980 through the 1994 season, Jim McNally helped groomed some of the franchise's best offensive linemen like Anthony Munoz, Max Montoya, Dave Lapham, Joe Walter, Bruce Reimers and Bruce Kozerski, during the golden era (the 1980s) of the Cincinnati Bengals. McNally, who left for the Carolina Panthers in 1995, spent time as the offensive line coach for the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills before retiring from being a full-time NFL coach in 2007.

Now McNally returns to Cincinnati as a consultant, joining the team for a few days during "the offseason, spring camp, and training camp while doing mostly film work."

"It's a fresh set of eyes from afar that can look at our team and other teams and offer valuable insights," said offensive line coach Paul Alexander. "I'm excited about it. We're talking about the guy that taught me pro football."

"Once a Bengal, always a Bengal," McNally said. "It's the same thing with the University of Buffalo. I've got my daughters still in Cincinnati and those were great years for me and my family. I'm excited to be back working with Paul."

Though we're not exactly sure to what extent McNally's return gives the Bengals, we can only envision growth with Cincinnati's own Paul Alexander, who has been under fire recently with his decision to favor Nate Livings over Evan Mathis two years ago.

Additionally the Bengals are expected to rebuild their offensive guard position. To put that in perspective, Cincinnati's lone Hall of Fame player Anthony Munoz was drafted the same year that Paul Brown hired McNally to coach the team's offensive line. McNally remained in Cincinnati throughout Munoz's career with the Bengals. That's not to suggest that the team will be finding the next Anthony Munoz anytime soon, rather the experience and perspective that McNally brings helps Cincinnati more today than before he was hired as a consultant.

+ A year after celebrating that the team was firing Bob Bratkowski and hiring Jay Gruden, Bengals running back Cedric Benson is criticizing Jay Gruden's offense.

+ Speaking of Jay Gruden, Cincinnati's offensive coordinator is demanding that quarterback Andy Dalton improve.

"He better get better or he won't be good enough," said Gruden. "You have to be great at that position and we think he can be great. That's why we drafted him where we did and he had a remarkable rookie season, no doubt about it. Knowing the kind of kid he is and how he works, I know he'll get better. That's why I like our offense. All our guys are like that.

+ Anthony Cosenza takes a look at a relatively unmentioned running back in Baylor's Terrance Ganaway.

+ University of Miami's Lamar Miller, who is often mentioned in mock drafts for Cincinnati, is reportedly reaching 4.3 in 40-yard sprints during Combine training.

+ Our own Brennen Warner writes that Nike, who is taking over as the NFL uniform provider in 2012, will respect the traidition but will some fun with uniform designs. We favor old school, personally.

+ Evan Silva predicts that the Cincinnati Bengals will sign Braylon Edwards during the offseason. This isn't a prediction based on insider information; just widely regarded as a wild guess.

+ Former Bengals tight end Chase Coffman was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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