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Cortland Finnegan And Tennessee Titans "Remain Far Apart On New Deal"

There's no question that cornerback is a huge position of need for the Bengals. We've said it over and over, so I'll spare you the time and jump right into the point. The Bengals could really use Cortland Finnegan.

He's one of the best cornerbacks in the game right now, he's extremely versatile, and extremely physical. Which is exactly what the Bengals need at the cornerback position.

Fortunately, the Titans don't seem interested in re-signing Finnegan. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported today that "Finnegan and the Titans reportedly remain far apart on a new deal", but "general manager Ruston Webster said Thursday the two sides will 'just keep working at it and hope something breaks.'"

Additionally, the general buzz around the league is that the Titans simply don't want to spend the kind of money that Finnegan wants to receive. Finnegan expects to receive a 5-6 year deal, somewhere in the $10 million annual range, which is more than the Bengals were willing to dish out to Jonathan Joseph last year.

Four days ago, Finnegan's agent reportedly said, "I can't negotiate with myself, the Titans are going to have to put some numbers in a counter proposal". It sounds like the Titans have moved on. However, they still may choose to put the franchise tag on Finnegan ($10.3 million for cornerbacks in 2012).

The Bengals probably don't want to spend $10+ million on Finnegan, but they will definitely be in the hunt for him. I'd be extremely pleased with that signing. Finnegan is only 28, entering his prime, and is definitely one of the top cornerbacks in the game today.