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Stories That Only Interest Us: February 27, 2012

Moss could start visiting multiple teams as soon as this week
I don't think that the Bengals will even entertain the idea of bringing Randy Moss to Cincinnati. But for some reason that nagging thought that I could be wrong won't go away.

Kirkpatrick on bust: 'Wrong place and wrong time'
Charges were later dropped after Alabama cornerback Dre Kirpatrick was charged and arrested with possession of marijuana. Kirkpatrick is one of the top prospects at cornerback for this year's NFL Draft and presumably a target for the cornerback-deficient Cincinnati Bengals.

Robert Griffin III's combine performance makes No. 2 NFL Draft pick a valuable one
On his Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King reflects on the NFL Combine this weekend, especially the battle of quarterbacks between Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Plenty of RBs not named Richardson make their marks
Former running back Marshall Faulk offers alternatives to Trent Richardson based on the NFL Combine from this weekend.

Trend shows teams better off drafting running backs in later rounds
Alabama running back Trent Richardson is coveted by Bengals fans. But how much value is there drafting a running back in the first round in today's NFL?

Palmer will fit into new Raiders offense
New Raiders head coach Dennis Allen believes that QB Carson Palmer has the tools to thrive in the new offense the team will run.

Report: Welker, Bowe likely to be franchised
Receivers would make $9.6 million if tagged.

Rams interested in giving Jason Smith another shot
One of four offensive tackles selected in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft.

Mike Mayock dishes on 2012 class
Mike Mayock offers analysis on some of the top prospects in the NFL draft.